Infertility challenges and miscarriage can lead people to spend a considerable amount of time reading, researching the internet, chatting in rooms and consulting with a lot of doctors and alternative health care practitioners. While this can be helpful, it can also be overwhelming and confusing. Distinguishing between myths and evidence-based facts about food, supplements, and environmental toxins, is more important than ever in our information-saturated environment. My goal in writing this fertility book was to give my patients an easy, fast read so that they can get back to doing the things that make their heart sing while family building.

The topics in the book are based on the great questions my patients have asked me over the years about health and fertility. “Did stress cause my miscarriage?”, “Should I give up caffeine?” “Is it OK to be vegan? “Should I be taking folate or folic acid?”, “Does acupuncture really help?”, “Should I switch doctors?”, “Why is this happening to me?” are among the broad-based list of questions. Contact me today to learn more!

whole stole my ovaries book

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As a counseling psychologist and mother I found this book to be incredibly informative and relatable. Jane’s expertise and years of experience working with women during their fertility journeys is evident through her real-life examples and concrete suggestions. Who Stole My Ovaries? is a compassionate, authentic, and integrative resource for anyone who is experiencing fertility challenges and wants to feel empowered.
Lisa Edwards, Ph.D.
Without Jane’s care, I would not have Lucy and Connor. In her book, Jane answers the important questions that I had while trying to get pregnant. I am so happy that others will get the benefit of her knowledge.
Jillian L.
Who Stole My Ovaries? is a wonderful reminder to reconnect with our bodies and to trust our capabilities.
Annie G., patient, wife, mother of two, graphic artist.
As a counseling psychologist and mother, I found Jane’s book to be incredibly relatable, authentic, and informative. Readers will feel empowered.
Lisa Edwards, Ph.D. Marquette University
Here is the Morning Blend interview about my new book, “Who Stole My Ovaries?”. Molly Fay of WTMJ 4 asked great questions about topics in my book that are related to infertility.