High Fructose Corn Syrup and Infertility

We haven’t heard about it in awhile, as its reputation has moved from OK to bad, and now to “controversial”. HCFS as it is known, is sugar that has undergone enzymatic processing to convert some of the glucose in sugar to fructose for added sweetness. Some scientists believe that it can affect the body’s metabolism, which can indirectly affect our metabolism, weight and fertility. The Corn Refiners Association refutes this and claims that HCFS is metabolically no different than plain sugar.  But none the less the association applied to change the name of HCFS to “corn sugar” on food labels. Fortunately the FDA denied this request in May 2012 , stating that “sugar is a solid crystallized food, not a syrup”.

While the food industry often tries to confuse consumers, and researchers cannot agree on the potential negative impact, it is in the best interest of fertility and general health to avoid products made with high fructose corn syrup. If you might be having some infertility problems or will be starting a family soon, read all food labels for the words high fructose corn syrup and avoid them if possible. Note: HCFS can be found in breads, pastas, beer, salad dressings, etc. In products made in Europe, it is legal to list it as “glucose-fructose syrup”.