Endocrine Disruptors and Obesity

chem-1Here is one big, fat reason to finally ditch those plastic bottles and household chemicals.  Endocrine disrupting chemicals, which are found in everyday items such as food packaging, cleaning products, furniture and cosmetics may very well be contributing to the obesity epidemic.  These chemicals mimic the body’s hormones, causing the body to create more and larger fat cells.

Recent studies found that mice exposed to endocrine-disrupting chemicals at at birth were much more likely to be overweight than the mice mot exposed to the chemicals.  Both groups were fed the same diet and had equal opportunity to move and expend energy, leading researchers to conclude that even brief and small exposure to the chemicals had a significant impact on their weight gain.

Several studies have concluded that the chemicals, which are largely unregulated, have the most impact when the exposure occurs in utero.

For more information, please see the following article from the New York Times: