Jane’s Philosophy, Approach, and strategies to aid conception

Each couple’s “fertility journey” and challenges are different, and I do my best to tailor the acupuncture treatments for maximum effectiveness. The first visit includes a history and assessment followed by a treatment. The visit lasts about an hour and a half. Subsequent visits will last about an hour, which includes the counseling and treatment time.

I don’t have a “one size fits all” approach, but some of the cornerstones of my program include:


I use the points that are known to increase blood flow to the uterus, enhance ovulation, and reduce anxiety. In the case of male infertility, there are known points and herbs that improve the quality of sperm.

Nutrition Counseling:

An important part of my approach is nutrition education and counseling, from an Eastern and Western perspective. I believe strongly in the concept of food as medicine, and that Mother Nature put everything on the earth that we need to thrive. We just have to find it, and eat it. After a nutrition assessment, I will counsel you about what particular foods are important for you.

Natural Family Planning Instruction:

I am knowledgeable and experienced about the various ways to identify the optimal time for a couple to try to conceive. There are many more “signs” a couple should be taking into consideration in addition to LH Surge results.

Individual Instruction in Mindfulness Meditation:

This form of breath based meditation has been proven to increase healing and balance for a variety of problems including anxiety and insomnia. The stress of trying to conceive can really be emotionally draining, and in some cases, stress may be a factor in a couples inability to conceive. I guarantee that if you practice what I will teach, you will feel noticeably stronger and more grounded.


I am conservative about the use of herbs and only use those that I know to be safe and pure.

Supplements & Fertility:

Although “Food as Medicine” is part of my philosophy, there are a number of supplements that may be appropriate for both men and women to enhance fertility.  I would only recommend them after doing a complete nutritional assessment.