Acupuncture for Wellness

Anxiety, stress disorders, insomnia, are all problems that can potentially be helped by Jane Gleeson acupuncture.

How and Why Acupuncture Can Help You

Although many people associate acupuncture with treatment for pain, tiny needles placed in certain spots on the outer ear can lead to feelings of well-being and relaxation. A recent study done at the Walter Reed Army Hosptial in Viriginia clearly showed that veterans  receiving acupuncture for PTSD experienced a significant reduction in their symptoms when compared to the group receiving medications and talk therapy. Combined with Jane’s instruction in mindful meditation and nutrition, improved emotional well-being and stress reduction can be achieved.

“When I first met Jane, she was very warm and friendly and took her time getting to know my lifestyle and medical history. The concept of trying to treat the body as a “whole” made much more sense to me than trying to treat every ailment as an individual problem.” ~S.M.