A Word About Insurance Coverage

I wish that our health care system would make it possible for all people to experience the healing effects of acupuncture. An increasing number of insurance companies are now offering coverage for acupuncture. The benefits will often cover up to 80%, but sometimes they will only cover for specific conditions. For example, they might cover “headaches” but not “neck pain;” or your policy may not cover infertility but will cover “menstrual irregularities”.  The only way to know for sure is to talk with a representative of your insurance company. Sometimes the people in your Human Resources or Benefits Department can help you obtain this information.

Although I do not file insurance claims for patients, I will provide you with an invoice and receipt with the proper insurance and diagnosis related codes, which you can forward to your company so that they can reimburse you directly.

When you come for a visit I am happy to answer more questions about insurance and acupuncture, based on my experience with patients.

There have been no problems with reimbursement for people using their flexible spending or health savings accounts for acupuncture.

~Jane Gleeson