From a Mom “Over 40” (with one child) who was told by a reproductive endocrinologist that her best chance for pregnancy was the egg donation program. What she and her husband really needed was some nutrition information and guidance.

After another failed IVF cycle, I was at an all time low, and was looking for something positive when I came across Jane’s site. I called her, and she really took time out just to talk to me. She was so kind, caring and understanding during those first phone calls, and throughout all our visits. I don’t believe we would have become pregnant again without her help—and so quickly! Jane was able to help us when the infertility doctors could not. I am so glad we were able to conceive naturally. It felt so much better than trying to force it through other methods. The whole time I knew there was nothing wrong with us, but we were not getting pregnant.

Jane to the rescue! I am so glad we found her. If you are on the fence, don’t hesitate. We would go back to Jane in a heartbeat, and definitely recommend her to anyone facing fertility problems. Listen to her. Follow her advice; she knows what she is talking about. With her help, our second beautiful baby girl was born in January of 2011, and we are expecting our third (a boy) this December (yes, 2011.) Thank you Jane, from the bottom of our hearts.