Fertility and Acupuncture

Jane Gleeson has been one of the best kept secrets I have found. My husband and I were trying to get pregnant for a couple of years. We had many different fertility tests performed and, with no success, we were referred to a “fertility specialist.” We worked with our fertility specialist for a year with no results and much frustration. We were told that nothing was wrong with either of us and there was no logical reason as to why we cold not conceive. Every month we continually kept trying. Then we decided to look into other avenues.

I found Jane’s number on the Internet as I researched information on acupuncture and infertility. I called Jane and left her a message and, to my surprise, she promptly returned my call that same night. The first conversation I had with Jane was very informative, and I felt no pressure from her to commit to a new way of thinking. My husband and I discussed it further and we decided to go forward with this new option.

From the first meeting, I knew I had not only found another medical option, but also a friend. I felt very comfortable with Jane and she always explained every detail of what we would be doing each visit. I saw Jane every week and she helped bring my body into balance. After several weeks of treatments from Jane, I felt more in control of myself and my emotions (my husband can attest to this).

I continued to see Jane on a weekly basis for about six months, and we were able to conceive naturally. I truly believe that treatments and suggestions from Jane allowed this miracle of life to happen. I could never thank her enough for her time, support, and patience throughout this process and I can’t wait to introduce her to our new bundle of joy! Jane Gleeson is highly recommended by me and my husband and I hope you have the same experiences that we have been so fortunate to have.
–L. S.