Acupuncture as a Infertility Treatment

I had an excellent experience with Jane Gleeson and trusted her completely. Jane played a huge role in one of the most important decisions of our family life: having children. After several years of trying to have children — with and without medical help — we decided to pursue acupuncture. I have no doubt that Jane helped our family grow.

I trusted her because of her sincere passion for infertility treatment through acupuncture, her dedication, background and because of how comfortable she made me feel. She always spent so much time discussing so many aspects of the treatment plan. She never made me feel like I was in a factory. She appreciates the value of each patient’s time.

Not only is she interested in your treatment plan, but she is interested in you as a person. She is very supportive and understanding of a patient’s needs. She provided invaluable educational and nutritional resources to supplement the entire experience. Just as important is her level of professionalism. I have always been entirely certain that she would keep our situation in the strictest confidence.

After I became pregnant, she remained concerned about my health and kept in contact with me to see how I was progressing. She maintained a level of enthusiasm that is rarely seen in a health care provider.

Without a doubt, she offers first rate, quality service. I would not hesitate to see her again. I would recommend her without reservation!