At 22 weeks, I have the privilege to be reminded of my pregnancy as I feel my baby moving and gently kicking in my abdomen. I couldn’t be happier to have had the opportunity to experience acupuncture as a natural intervention in my family planning. I thank Jane for her sincere dedication and commitment to helping my husband and I achieve a pregnancy.

After years of irregular menses and periods of amenorrhea, I was convinced I would not be able to conceive without fertility treatment. Until my husband first learned of a co-worker who successfully became pregnant with [the aid of] acupuncture, I was unaware of the benefits. Then, by fate, I was introduced to Jane by a Registered Nurse/Aromatherapist who knew of Jane Gleeson’s expertise in infertility. As an RN, MSN myself, I was very open to holistic medicine.

Jane was knowledgeable and realistic in discussing my expectations. In the beginning of November 2006, I began acupuncture as well as herbal supplements. I modified my diet and exercise as recommended by Jane. I looked forward to my weekly appointments, which I found extremely relaxing and enlightening. To my surprise, by the end of November, I had my first period without using hormones to induce it! One month later, I was pregnant! My husband and I celebrated our best New Year’s ever. I strongly recommend Jane and acupuncture for balance of the mind, body and spirit!
–N. B.